About us

A few words about us


We were established in 2014

AGROTECH provides high quality products for plant cultivation, as well as agronomic consultation to greenhouse producers, farmers and other persons involved in crop production. Due to our experience, we have the correct approach to each customer, based on his activity features.

The company presents products of leading European and world producers:

• nitrogen, phosphate, potash, combined and organic fertilizers, as well as fertilizers containing separate microelements,
• biological, chemical and mechanical products for plant protection,
• bumblebees used for pollination,
• organic and mineral substrates used for hydroponic cultivation,
• removable coatings for greenhouses, aiming to protect plants from sun rays,
• disinfection measures for greenhouses and other agricultural areas,
• high quality seedlings of berries and fruit trees,
• greenhouse accessories,
• other necessary agrotechnologies.


Agronomic consultation

Our specialists and invited experts will provide you with necessary consultation concerning:

• selection of fertilizers, nutrition control depending on crop vegetation period, nutrition solutions, plant protection methods and means for hydroponic cultivation in greenhouses,

• methods of use of our products, including fertilizers, substrates, plant protection products, bumblebees, greenhouse accessories etc.

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